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GIS is a combination of CAD (Computer Aided Design) and Databases.

GIS simulate the reality by data layers. Each layer is a feature class that connected to database called an attribute table. That fact turns the GIS maps into smart maps. The database allow the user to search, to find and to select the interested location or place. (applied and implemented in the course Lab using and trying the Google Maps search and visualization of places and addresses. actually it's to see the GIS web applications and the smart maps. But the most important issues are to understand the databases properties, data, functions and applications and connect them to CAD Computer aided design software, applications and features.

In this course, students will learn about applications and analysis using both vector  and raster data. counting on the connection between the geographic information to the attribute tables to deals with analysis by tables and by location. Data analysis will be applied based on databases, geometric and spatial information dealing with the geographic information as geometric and mathematic data for spatial and map algebra. Advantages and disadvantages will be discussed for each GIS data format. ArcGIS extensions such as Geo processing, Spatial Analyst, and creating tools using GIS as SDSS.

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